Awards and Recognitions

For those students who are outstanding in the conference, the SCMUN Management Team has set up fellow awards to recognise their achievements and commend their courage and diligence. We hope that all the delegates that we award can discern the value of SCMUN and NCPA, and carry it with them in their way to their successes.

Best Delegate

The Best Delegate award is given to the one delegate who is the most well prepared, knowledgeable, and professional in each committee.

Outstanding Delegate

The Outstanding Delegate award is given to one delegate in each committee who demonstrates excellent skill in preparing and participating in each committee's discussion.

Honourable Mention

The Honourable Mention award is given to recognize delegates who show enthusiasm and effort in MUN and contributes to the committee through great work.

Participation Certificate

The Participation Certificate is given to every SCMUN delegate to acknowledge their participation in the SCMUN conference.

Management Team Certificate

The Management Team Certificate is given to SCMUN officers to recognize their contributions to the SCMUN conference's preparation.

Chair Certificate

The Chair Certificate is given to chairs in SCMUN to redognize their contribution to SCMUN.